SALUTE to a patriot


DSC05028At the IIC was celebrated the birthday of Shri Bhisham Narayan Singhji with lots of admiration all around him .Being introduced to him for the first time I felt great regard for him .Present were Ratan kaul,Vijay Handa,Maheshji,K.L Malhotra and more people who appreciated this effort !Seen in the pic are Ratn Kaul,Bhimsham narayanji,Kavita Ashok .

IFTAAR party

Iftaar party at Leela was a beautiful evening .Ambassadors and Indian leaders in full harmony joined in the celebration .Mr Salman Bashir was spotted enjoying the delights along with other heads of states .
Seen in the picture are Kavita Ashok with Ambassador Of Seychelles Mr Waven Williams .Also seen were Ratan Kaul,Subha Tampi,Harshit Sehgal,Aida shafinaz Allies , MR KL Malhotra ,MR Zirgham Raza and Mr Subodh kumar Jain .IMG_0557