AN ART FUNDRAISER …..for Uttarakhand








DSC05109ART SPICE at Metropolitan hotel in New Delhi organised a fundraiser to support Uttarakhand natural disaster .Babita Gupta was supported by people from all walks of life ,art and non art !Mr S.S.Marwah,keshav Malik,Jasleen ,Neeraj Gupta,Ambassador of Slovak Republic Juraj Petruska,Kavita Ashok ,Roshni Ashok ,Mopasha sengupta with her husband Col Gupta,Sangeeta Gupta and more !Art work was sold and all funds went to the aid of the victims of this disaster .Great effort !


DSC05066The Embassy of South Africa celebrated the Birthday of Nelson Mandela today with kids from different schools .On this oc







DSC05074assion the Ambassador gave a heartwarming speech and interacted with the children.
Diplomats and children together sang ‘We shall overcome ‘and the auditorium was filled with inspiration and joy !Among the invitees were Padamshri Vikramjit Singh Sahney,Ex Ambassador of India Mr Mukherjee,Mr BhupinderSingh Suri from the Sports Authority of India,Kavita Ashok social activist and Director ICHR and Sharmishta from the Planning Commission of India.Hema and Ishwar pulled together the event supported by the staff and intern Roshni Ashok .Seen in the pictures are two young volunteers for the Cause Roshni and Suhani Ashok ,Kavita with Sharmishta,MR vikramjit sahney with Bhupinder Singh Suri and Kavita Ashok .

MIND OF A RAPIST …A Talk ,An Attempt

DSC04931DSC04928DSC04934Menzhealth Institute headed by Dr Ajit Saxena organized a talk to seek solutions to a burning issue in the society ..rapes .The talk was called “Mind Of A Rapist” and experts from various fields pooled in their ideas and solutions to the same .
Clinical psychologist Dr Aroona Broota,Social Activist Nafisa ali,Dr Abha from Amity University ,Kavita Ashok were among those present .Amity University supported this cause and their faculty was present in good strength at the India Habitat Centre .
Seen in the picture are Nafisa Ali with Kavita Ashok and Dr Aroona Broota with Kavita Ashok .
Th eaudience got very interactive when Dr Broota stepped down from the dias and threw open the discussion .It was an interesting observation as to how men ,women and youth think about this situation !My contribution to the evening was, that as I take personality development and Etiquette ,grooming sessions with all age groups ,I understand that we need to inculcate SANSKARS into our youth when they are in school itself .It has to begin from the grassroot level ..home and school .That is when you may positively mould the mind of a child !

World Human Rights Protection Association ;National Executive Meet


The National Executive meet with WHRPA brought together people who believed in Human Rights and stood for them .The convener Shamim A khan had distinguished speakers on the dias. I as Director with INdian Council For Human Relations and Indian Council for United Nations Relations Spoke with emphasis on acid attacks on girls ,molestation ,rapes ,mal nutrition ,State of women in India with some inputs for the youth .My speech was well appreciated because I was the only woman speaker and I put in direction for youth and women while other speakers narrowed in on Unemployment ,poverty ,corruption etc.