Election 2019 vs Environment at IIT

An one on one with politicians and a few presentations by environmentalists, research scholars and activists in the field made the Town Hall at IIT an interesting afternoon .Haiyya ,an organization of youth along with Urja created this quenching of citizen’s thirst in respect to what is happening this election 2019 about environmental issues ?Who is answerable .Members from three political parties the BJP,Congress and AAP answered a volley of questions of the audience .It was a fiery interaction .

Questions were put across concerning thermal plant’s

toxic pollution effecting Okhla area ,air pollution levels in Delhi ,stubble burning and construction chaos .The odd even was also highlighted by the AAP member .

Environment activist Kavita Ashok’s said that we must vote only for the  party which promises to show us what agenda they have for fighting air pollution and the concerning challenges . We need to check their work record in the past years to see if they genuinely show promise .Environment has been sidelined for long now ,she added ! She urged the citizens to work hand in hand with the government and step out and  vote wisely .

Clean and Clear Politics -competence is the key !

Synopsis- Its time to gear up for the changing scenario in politics the world over !

While some countries in the West are welcoming people of other nations into their political arena ,we back home in India need to evaluate  whether the current crop of leaders are truly the best or its time to open up to people who are pioneers and of true calibre ,into the political run !! A big question -do citizens with no political or party belonging have no right of admission to serve the nation even when they have the drive ,dedication and the set of skills ? Food for thought .




NEXT PRESIDENT -Why not you ?

Our country elects its new president on 17 th of July.A country which swears about its democracy ,freedom of speech and justice stands struggling today for a non controversial candidate ! It maybe utopia but I want to ask a few questions .Why does the Head of State have to be a Dalit ,Brahman ,Sikh or so on ? Why the body of work and qualifications of the candidate not be the criteria for the selection for this august position ?

Why is there a need to vote for the most apolitical post upon party lines ? With due respect to all Nominees for this Presidential Election 2017 and without prejudice to their qualifications ,I, Kavita Ashok without any political lineage ,without any religious caste qualification ,solely based on the body of my work on environmental issues and social service, have filed my NOMINATION for this position .I ask support from the designated voters to vote using their conscience without the color of a party ,caste or religion .

Against all odds and without letting any of these factors dampen my spirit to serve,I seek the support of the nation and pledge to serve with dignity and honour that this august office deserves .










DSC05686Lions Club International celebrated UNO day at Chanakyapuri on 4th of November where 18 diplomats were felicitated with Lifetime achievement award for their unparalleled work and unceasing efforts for humanity and their nation.

The spirit of the event was very high as we cherished the fruits of our hard work .

Diplomats from Uganda,Kenya,Belarus,Mongolia,Turkey ,Palestine,Cape Verde,Estonia,Dominican Republic,Bolivia,Tovalu,Algeria,Qatar and Poland were amongst the ones who were honoured.
This was followed by high tea .


My recent visit to the US was a series of brainstorming sessions with BJP leaders and members who support and standby their Indian comrades back home .
Putting up a few pictures of a dinner hosted for me where I interacted with their families .



IMG_3502Prime minister Mr Narender Modi holds promise to the indians abroad and they are looking up to him with awe and admiration .


Ms Pinky Anandji has been appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of India and in honour of her, a gracious dinner was given at Qutab hotel .Vijender Gupaji and his wife Shobhaji , Senior leader Vijay Goelji and MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma were all there to congratulate her !
Mayor Anil Sharmaji and Deputy Mayor Ravinder ji were also present .Gracing the occasion were Bigwigs from various fields of life .Mr Vijay jolly ,Mukesh Guptaji ,Harteerath Singh ji ,Kavita Ashok and Geeta singh,
Shamsher Mehndi ,Ex Mayor Arti Mehra and diplomats rejoiced IMG_2545







IMG_2562her success .
Heartfelt congratulations to Pinkyji .


The Indo American Friendship Association organised a panel discussion with some top brains of the country at India International Centre .Ambassador Surender Kumar opened the session with Mr H K Dua as the Chairman .Interesting views were put forth by Prof WPS Sidhu,SEnior Fellow,Brookings and Amb.Lalit Mansingh,former Foreign Secretary to UK and USA.DR Shashi Tharoor ,hailing from the Congress expressed mixed views and hopes.Management guru Gurucharan Das showed optimism in Mr



IMG_2314Modis new government .
To sum up ,the air was full of positivity and hope .As I was present at Mr Modis swearing in ceremony I added a comment that the aura of Mr Modi was immense at Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Head of States who attended the ceremony brought with them a ray of hope for a promising new relationship between India and its neighbours !

BATTLEGROUND U.P….book launch



1175241_10201300954180836_180549661_nA fresh perspective to politics in the country brought forward by two writers of a fresh view Manish Tiwari and Rajan Pandey .The panel was an amalgamation of great speeches by eminent speakers from all political parties .Mr Manishanker Iyer was the chief guest and spoke with great impressions .Kallol Banerjee of The Week is accompanied by Ratan Kaul and Kavita Ashok .Food for thought TRULY ..the book .