ID with Minister of External affairs Mr Salman Khurshid and more

IMG_0627IMG_0626The bonus of Id came in the form of me meeting Swami Nityanand at Mr Salman Khurshidji’s home .The spirit of the festival buzzed in their home while Mrs Khurshid laid out a lavish spread .I reuqested their son to do this picture as this moment was memorable indeed.Seen in the picture are Mr Salman Khurshid,Swami Nityanandji,Kavita Ashok and Shri Kishore Gandhi .
The feast at Mr Rehmans home was splendid indeed ! Also met Ambassadors of Bosnia and Congo enjoying Biryani and sewayian!A short visit to Haryana chief Minister Mr Hudda was a hushed affair because he was leaving for some place himself .
The high point was wishing the Vice president of India Mr Ansari a Very Mubarak Id as he was also visiting someone when I reached ,hence a telephonic conversation was all I could get ! I wish all a very peaceful time ahead !Id Mubarak !

SALUTE to a patriot


DSC05028At the IIC was celebrated the birthday of Shri Bhisham Narayan Singhji with lots of admiration all around him .Being introduced to him for the first time I felt great regard for him .Present were Ratan kaul,Vijay Handa,Maheshji,K.L Malhotra and more people who appreciated this effort !Seen in the pic are Ratn Kaul,Bhimsham narayanji,Kavita Ashok .

VIGYAN BHAWAN ….session 92



IMG_0536Such an honor to be at Vigyan Bhawan ! a feeling of Indianess engulfs me when I sit down to be part of such prestigious sessions .Prime Minister Manmohan singh opened the session on a talk about a brighter New India followed by Shri Rajnath singh and Udhav Thackrey .