Clean and Clear Politics -competence is the key !

Synopsis- Its time to gear up for the changing scenario in politics the world over !

While some countries in the West are welcoming people of other nations into their political arena ,we back home in India need to evaluate  whether the current crop of leaders are truly the best or its time to open up to people who are pioneers and of true calibre ,into the political run !! A big question -do citizens with no political or party belonging have no right of admission to serve the nation even when they have the drive ,dedication and the set of skills ? Food for thought .




THE DIVINE LIGHT ….my latest article on a Restaurant’s lighting etiquette

kavita events 291kavita events 292kavita events 290This is an article published in the JULY issue of Food and Nightlife magazine where I emphasized on the importance of correct lighting in any place .Here we are talking about the hospitality industry but the rules are more or less the same everywhere ! Good lighting calls for etiquette to design and light up the place in harmony with the whole theme .