Election 2019 vs Environment at IIT

An one on one with politicians and a few presentations by environmentalists, research scholars and activists in the field made the Town Hall at IIT an interesting afternoon .Haiyya ,an organization of youth along with Urja created this quenching of citizen’s thirst in respect to what is happening this election 2019 about environmental issues ?Who is answerable .Members from three political parties the BJP,Congress and AAP answered a volley of questions of the audience .It was a fiery interaction .

Questions were put across concerning thermal plant’s

toxic pollution effecting Okhla area ,air pollution levels in Delhi ,stubble burning and construction chaos .The odd even was also highlighted by the AAP member .

Environment activist Kavita Ashok’s said that we must vote only for the  party which promises to show us what agenda they have for fighting air pollution and the concerning challenges . We need to check their work record in the past years to see if they genuinely show promise .Environment has been sidelined for long now ,she added ! She urged the citizens to work hand in hand with the government and step out and  vote wisely .

Clean and Clear Politics -competence is the key !

Synopsis- Its time to gear up for the changing scenario in politics the world over !

While some countries in the West are welcoming people of other nations into their political arena ,we back home in India need to evaluate  whether the current crop of leaders are truly the best or its time to open up to people who are pioneers and of true calibre ,into the political run !! A big question -do citizens with no political or party belonging have no right of admission to serve the nation even when they have the drive ,dedication and the set of skills ? Food for thought .




NEXT PRESIDENT -Why not you ?

Our country elects its new president on 17 th of July.A country which swears about its democracy ,freedom of speech and justice stands struggling today for a non controversial candidate ! It maybe utopia but I want to ask a few questions .Why does the Head of State have to be a Dalit ,Brahman ,Sikh or so on ? Why the body of work and qualifications of the candidate not be the criteria for the selection for this august position ?

Why is there a need to vote for the most apolitical post upon party lines ? With due respect to all Nominees for this Presidential Election 2017 and without prejudice to their qualifications ,I, Kavita Ashok without any political lineage ,without any religious caste qualification ,solely based on the body of my work on environmental issues and social service, have filed my NOMINATION for this position .I ask support from the designated voters to vote using their conscience without the color of a party ,caste or religion .

Against all odds and without letting any of these factors dampen my spirit to serve,I seek the support of the nation and pledge to serve with dignity and honour that this august office deserves .




International Yoga Day 2016- celebration

Tree for Life ,my NGO in association with NDMC , Health Fitness trust and Ministry Of AYUSH got together to celebrate International Yoga Day at Lodhi garden .

With around hundred yoga enthusiasts started their day at 6 am with us at  the lush green Lodhi garden .After a yoga session of 40 minutes some refreshments were given to all participants who came from all age groups and walks of life – housewives,retired officials ,school children ,youth ,media people and really old enthusiasts too ! A troupe performed a small dance skit singing praises of mother nature and yoga .

The oldest man attending the event was infact using a stick to walk while the youngest was a three old year girl accompanied by her mother .

Tree for life works on plantation on  environmental issues mainly ,hence we did a small gesture of gifting each participant with a sapling -tree and herbal plants .The message to spread greenery and conserve nature was well taken as people talked about trees and forest for atleast an hour after the event ,discussing the  variety of  herbal plants we were gifting them ! It was a beautiful race as to who would pick lavender ,lime,neem ,tulsi ,kari pasta,amaltas ,phycus and so on !!

The NDMC Chairperson Mr Naresh Kumar and Dr Bhurelalji -Chairman EPCA truly appreciated my  effort to link yoga with nature .

National Commission Of Women – Seminar On Women Of Minority Communities

The National Foundation For communal Harmony in collaboration with National Commission Of Women organised a seminar at India Habitat centre on “Promoting Peace and Harmony-Social Exclusion Of Women Of Minority Communities-Challenges and Remedies’.

Shri D.R Kaarthikeyan,Padma Shri,was the chief guest who shared thoughtful insight on the occasion .
The inaugural session was inaugurated by Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar and members of the NCW .

It was a thought provoking and brain storming seminar with selected participants and dignitories numbering around 90 only .
Participants from media,academia,scholars,thought leaders,educationists,business magnets,social activists,women entrepreneurs,etc contributed to the discussions and deliberations.

Ms Veena kohli,President,All India Women ‘s conference,Ms.Jayashree Acharya,prominent educationist and Kavita Ashok ,social activist and Central committee member Overseas Friends of BJP shared their insights and experiences.IMG_4488



Keeping up with Prime mInister Mr Modi’s spirit ,I pitch in my humble efforts for the society as a social activist and tireless worker .

Each ones effort is a drop in the ocean but let us fathom at how the ocean gets filled !!
This camp was brought together in harmony with a hospital of New Delhi and local MCD support .
Held on 2nd Dec ,World AIDS day ,Ambedkar Basti ,RK Puram ,the camp drew in huge number of men ,women and youth .
The joy quotient was that IMG_4308






IMG_4329larger number of women turned up for their wellness checkup !
Tests for Blood sugar ,blood pressure ,body weight ,height ,ECG were followed by Doctor’s consultation keeping us busy for several hours .

Metro hospital pitched in and I am grateful for their effort and team of doctors who spared their Sunday on my request .


The Uttarakhand government and police in association with activists and social reformers made this effort to bring forth the need of police reforms in the state .Held at Dehradoon the seminar was a huge success.
The programme was attended and supported wholeheartedly by Chiefminister Shri Harish Rawat ,Governor Shri Aziz Mirza and India world foundation .
Social activist Kavita Ashok presented a paper on the challenges women face with approaching and interacting with the police .










Times Of India group in association with Sadhna channel and Metro hospital organised a seminar at India International Centre to create awareness of cardiovascular diseases .It was an one-stop storehouse of information about symptoms,precautions,cure and stress management complemented by a precise presentation by Dr Lal about the latest procedure he is using for angiography !
By the time the seminar winded up the audience were all mentally prepared to go in for a heart checkup !!
Dedicated to all hearts -lonely ,loved and broken !! IMG_3607













I feel humbled to share the recognition bestowed upon me by the VISWA MITR PARIWAR and Lions Club Delhi Veg 321 a1 for the social work and awareness campaigns I have synergised in Delhi and NCR .
Held at India International Centre the function was chaired by the Lions club president ,Consulate General Montenegro ,Ms Janis Darbari,IAS officer Rashmi Singh ,Mr Lakhotia,Gaurav Gupta,Sandeep Goel and other dignitaries .
This was the 13th Bhumandliya Ratan Samaroh focussing on Environmental preservation and related work .IMG_3190