Election 2019 vs Environment at IIT

An one on one with politicians and a few presentations by environmentalists, research scholars and activists in the field made the Town Hall at IIT an interesting afternoon .Haiyya ,an organization of youth along with Urja created this quenching of citizen’s thirst in respect to what is happening this election 2019 about environmental issues ?Who is answerable .Members from three political parties the BJP,Congress and AAP answered a volley of questions of the audience .It was a fiery interaction .

Questions were put across concerning thermal plant’s

toxic pollution effecting Okhla area ,air pollution levels in Delhi ,stubble burning and construction chaos .The odd even was also highlighted by the AAP member .

Environment activist Kavita Ashok’s said that we must vote only for the  party which promises to show us what agenda they have for fighting air pollution and the concerning challenges . We need to check their work record in the past years to see if they genuinely show promise .Environment has been sidelined for long now ,she added ! She urged the citizens to work hand in hand with the government and step out and  vote wisely .

National Commission Of Women – Seminar On Women Of Minority Communities

The National Foundation For communal Harmony in collaboration with National Commission Of Women organised a seminar at India Habitat centre on “Promoting Peace and Harmony-Social Exclusion Of Women Of Minority Communities-Challenges and Remedies’.

Shri D.R Kaarthikeyan,Padma Shri,was the chief guest who shared thoughtful insight on the occasion .
The inaugural session was inaugurated by Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar and members of the NCW .

It was a thought provoking and brain storming seminar with selected participants and dignitories numbering around 90 only .
Participants from media,academia,scholars,thought leaders,educationists,business magnets,social activists,women entrepreneurs,etc contributed to the discussions and deliberations.

Ms Veena kohli,President,All India Women ‘s conference,Ms.Jayashree Acharya,prominent educationist and Kavita Ashok ,social activist and Central committee member Overseas Friends of BJP shared their insights and experiences.IMG_4488


THE ECONOMIC TIMES -WOMENtrepreneurs Empowerment Summit

Prelude to the India International Trade Fair ,2014,The Economic Times brought together a handful of women who are entrepreneurs in their fields .
Member of Parliament Ms Meenakshi Lekhi opened the session pinpointing the various small business opportunities the government provides to rural women in order to earn a small sum of Rs10,000 a month .Mushroom farming and some business ideas which required minimum investment were highlighted during the session .Ex-IAS officer Ms Rita Menon shared her experiences of how rural Indian women are masters of balancing work and home like their educated urban counterparts .
Mr Gautam Sen from the Times of India was the only male speaker at the event .
The session concluded with real interaction amongst women who expressed their industry blocks and obstacles with the Member Of Parliament .
As a social entrepreneur ,working on community life and environment I was honoured to be part of the brainstorming session .







The Uttarakhand government and police in association with activists and social reformers made this effort to bring forth the need of police reforms in the state .Held at Dehradoon the seminar was a huge success.
The programme was attended and supported wholeheartedly by Chiefminister Shri Harish Rawat ,Governor Shri Aziz Mirza and India world foundation .
Social activist Kavita Ashok presented a paper on the challenges women face with approaching and interacting with the police .










Times Of India group in association with Sadhna channel and Metro hospital organised a seminar at India International Centre to create awareness of cardiovascular diseases .It was an one-stop storehouse of information about symptoms,precautions,cure and stress management complemented by a precise presentation by Dr Lal about the latest procedure he is using for angiography !
By the time the seminar winded up the audience were all mentally prepared to go in for a heart checkup !!
Dedicated to all hearts -lonely ,loved and broken !! IMG_3607












MATRABHASHA….HINDI ..an evening dedicated to the language


IMG_2366The love for our national language or matrabhasha is an indication of our deep-rooted love for our nation . Be it the French ,Germans or the British ,each one takes pride in speaking their language.
India, sadly ,considers Hindi as a second language option .No doubt we are culturally blessed with umpteen regional languages in our vast land but the national language deserves respect !
Hindi Bhavan organised an evening where poets,authors and journalists shared views and suggestions to bring this language in the forefront and maximise its usage even in official documents .A book ‘Yatarth se Samvad ‘i.e. ‘Conversation with the present ‘was launched by bigwigs of Hindi literature .Written by Shri Gaur of the Gaur builder group it seemed like a promising read .Poets like’ Rahi “expressed love for the language .
The aura of the language became so strong that I recited the poem ,PHOOL KI CHAH …Desire of a Flower by Mahadevi Verma .It is one of my favourite Hindi poems .The theme of the poem is that the flower speaks to you and says please do not use me to decorate the hair of a beautiful woman ,neither a garland for lovers but please throw me on the path on which brave soldiers tread to fight for their country !!


The Indo American Friendship Association organised a panel discussion with some top brains of the country at India International Centre .Ambassador Surender Kumar opened the session with Mr H K Dua as the Chairman .Interesting views were put forth by Prof WPS Sidhu,SEnior Fellow,Brookings and Amb.Lalit Mansingh,former Foreign Secretary to UK and USA.DR Shashi Tharoor ,hailing from the Congress expressed mixed views and hopes.Management guru Gurucharan Das showed optimism in Mr



IMG_2314Modis new government .
To sum up ,the air was full of positivity and hope .As I was present at Mr Modis swearing in ceremony I added a comment that the aura of Mr Modi was immense at Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Head of States who attended the ceremony brought with them a ray of hope for a promising new relationship between India and its neighbours !

Social Awareness seminar ..Growing Conflicts In families

Mother Teresa said ,’If you want to work for world peace,go home and love your families .
Many speakers expressed their thoughts on the causes,impacts and way forward regarding conflicts in families .
Some expressed concern ,some alarm on the present family structure .
I just said it in two lines that the least each one can contribute to the society is by raising good children and taking care of their old parents .
To me these are the biggest responsibilities within a family .
The main speaker filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt stole the show with his heartfelt experience.IMG_1684






Master Del Pe …visits India …




DSCF0816World renowned motivational speaker,master of yoga and tai chi,writer of many books and healer par excellence ,Master Del Pe is on a short visit to India. In honour of Sensei(Teacher),I organised a session for Delhites to listen to his expressions on ‘How To Heal And Energise Your Life “.
Though the session was by invite only, the response was overwhelming !Those who took his blessings and healing experienced zen ! Attended by beaurocrats,politicians ,industrialists,entrepreneurs ,youngsters and home makers the event concluded with a life force of a million buddhas in each person .
On his next visit I shall present a bigger healing opportunity to more people .