Run for Women Power

It lasted 14 days ! Celebrating women hood in two campaigns by our NGO Tree For Life was our March mission !

The first campaign was with the Ministry of Culture and other NGO’s . Athletes , support groups , fitness experts who ran the marathon were felicitated at an award function preceded by lunch . This was held at DDA community centre , Kalkaji .

Our second event was with the slum dwellers of Mayapuri in New Delhi . We spoke about our No plastic campaign and how women should take the lead in waste management and cutting plastic from homes ! This was followed by a havan and eats for the children who had tagged along their mothers.

Here is more power to all women !

On the Radio !

Radio is a strong medium today also ! We grew up listening to various shows , now I am truly humbled to be interviewed by India’s most popular radio show .

We spoke about my journey from a model and actor to a social worker and activist ! My campaigns , my battles along the way and the passion to make the planet a better place . I started alone with just a piece of paper and today I work with numerous hospitals , social groups , media groups , slums and educational institutes . Many thanks to RJSimran for the interview !

Will surely paves the way !

With 92.7 Big FM , Delhi

Let’s talk Green and Clean

With Big FM 92.7 Delhi , I got an opportunity to share the journey of my little NGO Tree For Life ! IDFC First Bank organised a campaign honouring Environment First – heroes and I am humbled to be part of it .

The interview got the best out of me as I remembered how I started all alone and today I have followers and associates all over the globe ! Will is a strong thing ! The host , Rj Simran was very generous with acknowledgement to our work . We work with perseverance since 2008 and the show must go on ! Keeping the planet plastic free , pollution free and living in harmony with nature is our 2021 pledge !

With Radio Jockey Simran on BigFM


Not surprised at all with choking throats ,masks and breathless people all around me ! I see this every year ,now for a decade .Am I tired of fighting it out for my people -No !

Air pollution is a major challenge in many countries but in India we are in a gas chamber like situation . The AQI is crossing 400 already in Delhi NCR while Diwali ,our main festival is still two weeks away !

There is a new ordinance in the making ,with defaulters to be fined Rs 1 crore or 5 years of imprisonment.It will take time to be cleared with the Supreme Court and then who knows how much time it takes to be implemented on ground !

Let the state governments leave behind their blame games concerning stubble burning and sit down in harmony to solve the air pollution menace ! With Covid already a public health emergency ,can India afford to provide good and sufficient health care to respiratory and other health threats due to air pollution ?

Breathless ! Delhi

Parallel Lives

An exciting heart to heart talk with Doc media centre , England . A simple conversation touching hard subjects . A 24 hr marathon with more than a hundred climate activists around the world ! Truly honoured to be interviewed on this platform .

It was great to share India’s vision on environment . The new projects – Project Dolphin and Project Lion are encouraging to green activists . The new bill has its pros and cons . Forestry is rising , tiger and elephant numbers have shot up ! There is hope for us . I also brought up plastic pollution’s menace and how waste management needs a respectful place in our future plans . Kudos to Documentary Media Centre for this event and John Coater for being the awesome host !


THE BEGINNING – Prarambh 2020

The biggest convoy of 30 global leaders and 6 exhilarating panel discussions! Prarambh 2020 was such a hands on event .It focused on how the Next Gen is to be future ready !

Covid19 is an eye opener ! It shoved into our faces what we avoided all these years ! Our responsibility to the society and the environment itself .

In this two day event experts from various fields shared what they thought would be a guideline for the young adults ! What are the career options in this era ? Is working from home the new norm ? Will everything get virtual in the work arena ? Will office spaces slowly become obsolete ? How do we cope with this new lifestyle ?

As an environment and health advocate I pinpointed how multitasking and multi talented people would be new leaders ! How multiple skills would take us forward .Why is it important now to be an expert in more than one thing ? You can be an engineer who also runs a cake shop ! You can be a blogger and an astronaut ! This is the new world .The youth are truly magical -we can trust them with their sharpness and keen eye !


Round Table On Environment

The Pandemic has paved new ways to communicate ! The world is virtual now .Discussing recent challenges on Environment with experts exclusively from India ,as we had an one on one with experts in the field of desertification ,plantation ,plastic pollution and river water restoration .Austrian anchors were keen on India’s new policies and where we are lagging behind .

CREATIVE SOCIETY with Allatra Tv gave us a platform to speak from our ground experience and connect with other teams of green warriors in the country .A truly happy moment for us ,environment lovers !

Independence Day 2020

The most special day ! Happy to be born in a free country ! India

We don’t know the sacrifices our grandparents made , the constraints our parents suffered , for a lot of us are fortunate to be born free !

Let us celebrate this day and each coming day with zest and gratitude . Let us grow together , create an atamnirbhar Bharat .Let us pledge the making of a green and clean economy . Let us be free of pollution , plastic and unmanaged waste ! Jai Hind !

Biodiversity is Life itself !

Breaking the world record of a nonstop 17 hour virtual environment marathon , we activists , NGO’s , corporates , nature photographers , children and environmentalists celebrated this event under the flagship of IGEN !

Biodiversity was the focus of the IGEN ENVIRONTHON 2020 . Speakers from all over the world shared views , experiences and policies of government regarding deforestation , wetlands , wildlife , desertification etc .

My talk revolved around waste management and plastic pollution . Our NGO Tree for Life has two ongoing campaigns namely GoGreen and Say no to single use plastic . I also expressed how each citizen can be a warrior of issues which are local thereby effecting the larger global challenges !