When you meet real heroes !

What better way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti than meet and felicitate real Covid warriors ! Held on 2nd October this year ,2021 my NGO was part of a ceremony in Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh .

The Sikh community has done selfless and exceptional seva during Corona and the world knows about it . It was humbling to meet such amazing people and we realised that we did so little during the pandemic . Our tiny efforts for reaching out to lonely people , making meals or helping procure medicines or a bed in a hospital is nothing compared to what these people have done . Hats off !

To top it all , they became part of our #saynotosingleuse plastic campaign . We gave them cloth bags as part of our #noplasticbags campaign . This campaign celebrated its second year on 2nd Oct . We feel blessed to meet such amazing people on our journey for a better cleaner planet !

Is the food on your plate affecting the climate ?

Talking of holistic nutrition and well-being is a fad now ! Every one speaks organic ! How many actually think about the environment when they make a food choice ?

My article for #revue is a rebellious one ! It shatters the myth that what one eats is one’s own matter and in no way harms the planet !

We speak of growth while giving a backseat to agriculture . New crops and global markets are demanding new avenues while local produce is suffering ! Consumers are spoilt for choice and prices are touching the sky ! Greenhouse gas emissions , carbon from vehicles , untamed demand for exotic foods , untimely weather changes and mad advertising is driving the world crazy ! Sit up , speak up for your children and grandchildren before it’s too late !

Microplastics on your food plate !

My latest concern while campaigning for a #plasticfree economy is microplastics ! A hidden , sometimes camouflaged ingredient of our food ! Our children eat this in the packaged food , housewives are buying it in the fruits ,vegetables , poultry and seafood they purchase . Nobody is spared . The health hazards are many and ignorance is bliss here !

My article with AFT Media is an eye opener for the common man . The food industry knows very well about it but profits are huge so they turn a blind eye ! Next time you dip that tea bag in your warm cup of water , believe that thousands are microplastics are released in it . Consumer awareness will be a change maker . Let us shift from passive consumers to active decision makers ! Say No to Microplastics !

Is Climate Change affecting the food on your plate ?

With growing demand for food and blind consumerism which knows no bounds , we are heading for a crash of the food industry .

I was in a serious conversation this week with Parallel Lives Network and Docmedia centre ,UK about how agriculture is being affected by the ClimateCrisis and viceversa .
The fear is that the water wars of the world will be followed by food battles !

The education of crop rotation , limiting demand for food ,going local , noplastic packaging and consumer awareness seem like little steps but will go a long way in diminishing carbon emissions and heating up the planet .

Excessive rainfall , typhoons , melting glaciers , untimely snowfall , flooding are mere indicators of an upset earth !

India is a pioneer in using solar power in its farmlands , biogas and energy projects are subsidised and agriculture laws are being reviewed . There is a tumult of change coming .
Don’t you consider this a climate shock that farmers in Napa valley are watering their vineyards with dirty water and spraying sunscreen so that the grapes donot wither in the excessive heat ?

Time to wake up and take a call ! We want action and not mere policies !

Run for Women Power

It lasted 14 days ! Celebrating women hood in two campaigns by our NGO Tree For Life was our March mission !

The first campaign was with the Ministry of Culture and other NGO’s . Athletes , support groups , fitness experts who ran the marathon were felicitated at an award function preceded by lunch . This was held at DDA community centre , Kalkaji .

Our second event was with the slum dwellers of Mayapuri in New Delhi . We spoke about our No plastic campaign and how women should take the lead in waste management and cutting plastic from homes ! This was followed by a havan and eats for the children who had tagged along their mothers.

Here is more power to all women !

On the Radio !

Radio is a strong medium today also ! We grew up listening to various shows , now I am truly humbled to be interviewed by India’s most popular radio show .

We spoke about my journey from a model and actor to a social worker and activist ! My campaigns , my battles along the way and the passion to make the planet a better place . I started alone with just a piece of paper and today I work with numerous hospitals , social groups , media groups , slums and educational institutes . Many thanks to RJSimran for the interview !

Will surely paves the way !

With 92.7 Big FM , Delhi

Let’s talk Green and Clean

With Big FM 92.7 Delhi , I got an opportunity to share the journey of my little NGO Tree For Life ! IDFC First Bank organised a campaign honouring Environment First – heroes and I am humbled to be part of it .

The interview got the best out of me as I remembered how I started all alone and today I have followers and associates all over the globe ! Will is a strong thing ! The host , Rj Simran was very generous with acknowledgement to our work . We work with perseverance since 2008 and the show must go on ! Keeping the planet plastic free , pollution free and living in harmony with nature is our 2021 pledge !

With Radio Jockey Simran on BigFM


Not surprised at all with choking throats ,masks and breathless people all around me ! I see this every year ,now for a decade .Am I tired of fighting it out for my people -No !

Air pollution is a major challenge in many countries but in India we are in a gas chamber like situation . The AQI is crossing 400 already in Delhi NCR while Diwali ,our main festival is still two weeks away !

There is a new ordinance in the making ,with defaulters to be fined Rs 1 crore or 5 years of imprisonment.It will take time to be cleared with the Supreme Court and then who knows how much time it takes to be implemented on ground !

Let the state governments leave behind their blame games concerning stubble burning and sit down in harmony to solve the air pollution menace ! With Covid already a public health emergency ,can India afford to provide good and sufficient health care to respiratory and other health threats due to air pollution ?

Breathless ! Delhi

Parallel Lives

An exciting heart to heart talk with Doc media centre , England . A simple conversation touching hard subjects . A 24 hr marathon with more than a hundred climate activists around the world ! Truly honoured to be interviewed on this platform .

It was great to share India’s vision on environment . The new projects – Project Dolphin and Project Lion are encouraging to green activists . The new bill has its pros and cons . Forestry is rising , tiger and elephant numbers have shot up ! There is hope for us . I also brought up plastic pollution’s menace and how waste management needs a respectful place in our future plans . Kudos to Documentary Media Centre for this event and John Coater for being the awesome host !