Clean and Clear Politics -competence is the key !

Synopsis- Its time to gear up for the changing scenario in politics the world over !

While some countries in the West are welcoming people of other nations into their political arena ,we back home in India need to evaluate  whether the current crop of leaders are truly the best or its time to open up to people who are pioneers and of true calibre ,into the political run !! A big question -do citizens with no political or party belonging have no right of admission to serve the nation even when they have the drive ,dedication and the set of skills ? Food for thought .





NEXT PRESIDENT -Why not you ?

Our country elects its new president on 17 th of July.A country which swears about its democracy ,freedom of speech and justice stands struggling today for a non controversial candidate ! It maybe utopia but I want to ask a few questions .Why does the Head of State have to be a Dalit ,Brahman ,Sikh or so on ? Why the body of work and qualifications of the candidate not be the criteria for the selection for this august position ?

Why is there a need to vote for the most apolitical post upon party lines ? With due respect to all Nominees for this Presidential Election 2017 and without prejudice to their qualifications ,I, Kavita Ashok without any political lineage ,without any religious caste qualification ,solely based on the body of my work on environmental issues and social service, have filed my NOMINATION for this position .I ask support from the designated voters to vote using their conscience without the color of a party ,caste or religion .

Against all odds and without letting any of these factors dampen my spirit to serve,I seek the support of the nation and pledge to serve with dignity and honour that this august office deserves .




SPECIAL CHILDREN celebrate World Environment Day with NGO Tree For Life

A beautiful expression of love for humanity and nature rolled together for a few hours at a school for Special children where Tree For Life organised World Environment Day .Potting of plants ,creating beautiful glass bottles filled with colourful pebbles ,messing their hand sin mud and water the children were joyous .The poster making activity focusing on Loving Nature and Saving the Environment was a pleasurable on too .This was followed by group pictures and a tea party for participants .
Of all the Plantation activities and movements I have organised ,this one with special children turned out be most meaningful .

World Environment day -my writeup

Much has been said about conserving forests,rivers,mountains ,air -on the whole loving nature and keeping its sanctity .In today’sIMG_7166

article I plead each one to do a small activity in anyway you feel comfortable for Mother Earth .Keeping your surrounding clean will be a major step too as once it becomes a force,the transformation of the earth’s face will show .Saving the planet sounds like someone else’s job -its not mine or yours-its OURS !!

Paris Climate Agreement -Trump pulls out

Fulfilling his pledge in his presidential campaign ,Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris resolve .He stated that the Paris accord is a financial and economic burden on US businesses,workers ,people and taxpayers.
Barack Obama has said that the current administration rejects the future in pulling out of the pact.World over environmentalists and leaders are criticising this unethical move.
So what if Mr Trump does not care -196 countries pact remains .Climate change is real and human activity contributes to it .We all over the world are working to save the only planet we have !Aoyor29J.jpeg

World No Tobacco Day

DBHdPw8V0AAWnwXThe World today marks an important day -No Tobacco Day .It is a message loud and clear ,as governments ,WHO and other health organisations celebrate this day .For those who smoke not only are they killing themselves but also their love ones .Save your own life as well as the environment .SmokeIMG_3463 is a killer and a pollutant both !The lungs of your family also gets effected .A simple PFT test at one of my free health camps revealed that passive smokers were also at risk !!

Divyang awards-honouring people with special needs

IMG_7100Unnat Bharat organised an award function for felicitating special people who are real fighters and are making a mark in the society .Abhishek Mishra pooled in many NGO’s and organisations to bring this dream to light .
Netram ,Shyama eye hospital,MAA,Tree for Life and Babu Jagjivanram National foundation were supporters of the event held at Constitution Club of India .
Minister for social welfare Shri Vijay Sampala and Vice president Shri Shyam Jajuji graced the event .

Vinod Kumar Binny ,Sanjay Nirmal ,Kavita Ashok and Dr Anchal Gupta shared their vision on the dais .
Young Abhishek Mishra received appreciation for his dream project !