Are you lonely or depressed ? COVID 19

While numbers soar , hospitals are over crowded , mental state is that of uncertainty , our NGO Tree for Life brings in new hope to people ! It’s the spirit to stay connected and fight ! Our public health initiative is to break into the minds and hearts of lonely people and make them feel wanted and safe . Millions are stuck at home with issues of health and boredom which sometimes results in depression and feeling of being not wanted !

We are connecting older people to doctors , the lonely hearts to counsellors , the youth to exciting online projects and creating a chain of safety and happiness . This includes motivational activities from home like gardening , yoga , diet and motivational talks ! Our motto in these trying times is – Let there be sunshine everywhere ! Big FM helped us spread our message of mental health awareness in the month of May . We are happy to spread the warmth and joy through our campaign .

Motivational talks during Corona
With FM radio
Home gardening

What are you doing on World Environment Day 2020 ? Our Green Warrior – Major Maharishi, planting trees for public welfare on Ajmer Sanganer Highway for last 25 years is our inspiration on #WorldEnvoronmentDay2020

Tree for Life is 11 years old now . We rose from the ground and still work in the dust ! Our efforts maybe small but the zest and public involvement is encouraging !

This Environment day we are running 2 of our campaigns .

The first is GoGreen encouraging tree plantation , garbage segregation ,addressing air and river pollution .

The second is Say no to plastic ! This is very close to my heart as we are giving away cloth bags to people and speaking with them one on one to stop using polythene bags ! We started this campaign in October 2019 .

School and college kids are our strength . We love to work with them in various ways and always get to learn what the new gen thinks ! We wish that on this Environment Day we are able to stir a few more hearts to love nature and conserve the environment !

The War Of The Worlds – Quarantine

The fear keeps millions awake at night , what if we are next ?

Created by man himself , directed by political will , this pandemic is a scare ! For the last few decades environment lovers have been shouting from rooftops that the world needs to stop – we were running too fast and too blind . Governments snubbed them , science was busy with research and medicine advanced while humanity shrinked .

Human health is related to social and environment health . How our race survives depends on the well-being and coexistence of our pets , wildlife and livestock . Homosapiens are supreme – this is proving to be a myth because we are the only species which is self destructive .

Biodiversity if only addressed in big international conventions will solely make for good scripts . Air pollution , desertification are potent time bombs humanity is sitting upon ! We don’t care till we can look the other way .

Look what we did to ourselves ! Corona virus is a result of meddling with other species – breaking the balance of habitation and foodchain . Blame it on China this time , what about the future epidemics ? The human race is hell bent on lending a deaf ear ,for, growth and power is the real mantra of the millennium .

Learn we must from this pandemic as helpless we feel without a vaccine , not enough medical strength and a contagious virus to deal with .

Prayer and social distancing are the only answers. While the world markets come to a halt we lock ourselves in our homes and shudder at the thought of catching the virus next . The Universe is at play with us , teaching us lessons not to mess with the animal and plant kingdom . The price of chopping forests , polluting air and water bodies is so heavy that not only us but our next generations might also talk about the quarantine days !

Let us listen to our governments , stay at home and quarantine till the Earth heals itself .

What’s happening to the world ?

Look what we did ! Scientists , research scholars , medical institutes all fail today as Corona virus strikes the world .Helpless we stand , for it strikes country after country varying in its vengeance.

We lost balance someplace between development , medicine , science , technology and research . A lay person does not understand what hit him – just that he is petrified that the life of his loved ones could be at stake !

Let prayer heal the planet , let medicine find a solution soon .

Lessons of nature that man is not all powerful . We bow time to time in the history of civilisations to the mighty repercussions of our misdeeds and messing up .

Going Green on Valentine’s Day

A winter morning in Uttar Pradesh , India ,we got together 600 kids from a school in Ghaziabad and celebrated Valentines Day !

It was one of a kind – “nature festival”where kindergarten kids planted trees of Jamun , mango and neem in their school premises ! Hundreds poured into the huge playgrounds with the school gardeners giving in to the excitement of the children ! The teachers were kind and joyous . I requested them to just let the children be themselves , leave the ques, enjoy the plantation and feel connected to Mother Earth ! The kids loved the free spirit of the whole experience .

We chatted and planted , watered the plants while I casually took a promise that they would look after their trees !

I also had the opportunity of an interactive session on Environment – “How about going green , a social responsibility to our planet “with the middle and high school children ! They were attentive and responsive with hordes of resounding clapping in between our session . Our NGO Tree For Life gifted each student two trees to plant wherever they wished – home , school , park or neighbourhood .

Such fests inculcate responsibility in children with a promise of a green , clean and plastic free world ! Grateful to all faculty of Vidhan Public School . My zest multiplies when our tiny programmes are mighty successful ! Cheers to a green Earth !

Republic Day 2020

The country celebrates its 71st Republic Day . India is drenched in patriotism , the heart of every Indian beats today for its soil.

It’s a national holiday so it’s a relaxed day for most of us . But there are lakhs who are rushing to the Republic Day parade in Delhi . Every city , every mohalla has a flag hoisting ceremony . The national anthem jan gan man fills each heart with pride.

My throat chokes a bit when I sing it as if the love and devotion to Mother India swells up at that moment .

Many awards are given by the President on this day – soldiers , martyrs , children , artists and so on .

The leading Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran organised a series of programmes of flag hoisting , cultural extravaganza and awards to citizens all over the country . I am humbled to share that in the field of naari shakti and environment – I was felicitated . My journey is 11 years old now and with such encouragement from the society I’m sure to go on for years to come !

Jai hind , Jai Bharat

Asking for too much !

Elections round the corner , people busy with n number of things ,the capital is a freezing storehouse with temperatures dropping as low as 3 degrees ! Delhi is blessed twice with the air polluted to the level of smoking 5-6 cigarettes a day and cold which bites the heart out !

Cannot fathom how the poor and homeless are surviving the nights . Donot want to preach at all – would be good charity if we would give away at least our old and discarded sweaters , shawls , caps , jackets ,blankets . A gentle deed would be to share the warmth with the poor whether it’s a cup of tea or a meal . 2019 is going , this act could be your last good karma for this year ! Let’s open up our hearts !

Who has the answers ?

AgendaAajtak2019 , a superb platform with biggies of Indian politics right there with you ! The India Today group organised this at Le Meridian on the 17 th Dec and it was a houseful event .

I particularly enjoyed sessions with Piyush Goel and environment minister Prakash Javadekar . Had a few questions for him but they winded up early . Have to go to the Ministry to seek the answers ! Cinema is integral to all things happening around us . We had filmstars like Deepika Padukone , Akshay Kumar and Ayushmaan Khurana too .

Special applaud to the team of Kalli Purie for bringing burning topics of India to the forefront in the conclave !


Everyone wants it !

Two of my running campaigns for environment , namely Go Green and Say No to Single Use Plastic are gearing wings . We moved to Jaipur , Rajasthan and got citizens involved . Beautiful , because it was easy ! People are willing and ready for the change – seems they were just waiting for someone to initiate . NGO Tree for Life @myforests is taking this campaign all over India .

The Go Green campaign proposes planting trees , no littering and no chopping of trees , segregation of garbage , recycling and reusing , and keeping the environment clean .

Say no to Single Use Plastic speaks for itself . The health hazards of plastic use in food and daily life , the emitting of toxins in the atmosphere and littering the oceans and mountains , rivers , villages and cities . It also talks about substitutes to a plastic living and encourages organic and traditional methods used by our grandparents , like copper vessels , steel , earthen pots , dauna – pattal , banana leaves etc for a healthier life .

We spoke to complete families , men , women , husbands -wives , grandparents , children and youth and got smiling faces supporting and promising the greener cleaner version of their cities ! It’s a tiny step but one step at a time is how we learnt to WALK , right ?

Justice not delayed this time -PriyankaReddyMurderCase

Justice delayed is justice denied – I quoted to a journalist who came home to take my input regarding the PriyankaReddyMurderCase , rape case !

As if the gods were listening to the prayers of millions of parents , brothers of the country or was it the frustration of the common man displayed in dharnas all over India that shook the fabric of justice ? We can’t say but the four accused were shot dead when trying to flee from the police at the crime scene .

It came as a morning shocker – because we are not tuned to such fairness ! There are more cases – millions pending ! “Nirbhaya “is 7 years old now – no justice yet ! Look at these little school girls , how innocent and happy -we do want safety for all women and girls in India . After all that is what the Betibachaobetipadao is all about !

We look up to the constitution to make an amendment which ensures the fastest justice route so that rapists shudder at the very thought of it ! No mercy here !