BHARAT NIRMAN AWARD…Super Achiever Award 2013










DSC_0190 I am honored and blessed to recieve the SUPER ACHIEVER AWARD 2013 in the field of Etiquette and Grooming .Ms Kiran Bedi did the honors and the chief guests included padamavibhushan Sonal mansingh ,Dr KK aggarwal,Astro uncle and so on .My special thanx to Barsha, Salaam Namaste 90.4 fm who came and covered the event just for me,First secretary to Pakistan embassy Saima Syed , Ratan Kaul and Aditi from my ICUNR family,Janvee sharma from Rajiv Gandhi Foundation,my father Maj R N Maharishi ,Anurag Ashok and Suhani ashok my husband and daughter !I missed my older daughter Roshni ,studying in the US on this special occassion !
Special regards to Ravinder Malhotra for this great incentive he has given me to excel more than ever by giving me this award.Also seen are in the pics Shalini Wadhwa and AAkash Aggarwal.

National Day of Africa ..Celebration

DSC04798The national day of Africa was celebrated at Vasant continental with a gathering of all Ambassadors and delegates .Surprisingly I could spot a few kids too ,now that is sweet because it was really a celebration in the true and complete sense ! HRD minister Dr Shashi Tharoor presided the event, chased by media .This was followed by dinner ,though it was hot in the open lawns even at 8pm .Spotted were Ratan kaul ,Mr K.L Malhotra and Kavita Ashok from ICUNR and ICHR,Renu Malhotrs,Mr Suresh Kumar and Kallol Bhattacherjee from The Week .

Russian Ambassador Facilitated by The Delhi Study Group




DSC04793To facilitate HE Mr Alexander Kadikan , for completing 25 years in India as the Russian Ambassador ,The Delhi Study group headed by Mr Vijay Jolly organised an event at the Constitution club of India ,Rafi Marg .The event was very well attended by Ambassadors and other diplomats ,the Mayor of North Delhi ,Sarita Choudhary -The mayor of South Delhi and so on .
The pictures are with the ambassadors of Taiwan and Kazakistan ,one with Mr Vijay Jolly and the last one with the Russian ambassador and Mr Vijay Jolly .
The highlight of the ceremony was the Russian Ambassadors speech in pure Hindi !

Farewell to HE Dr Samuel K Mbamto of Nambia ….


DSC04705The Indian Council for United Nations Relations presented a momento to HE Dr SamuelK Mbanto of Nambia on his farewell dinner at Vasant Continental ,New Delhi.President Ratan Kaul ,Mr KL Malhotra and me represented ICUNR and ICHR .Mr Navin Jindal presented the momento on our behalf .Ambassadors of all African states were present .Manish vij,Dr Mukul Jain ,Nidhi Jain added grace to the occassion ,




IMG_0294[1]ICUNR and Dhoomimal gallery jointly celebrated Mothers day with a unique photography exhibition where mothers put up pictures of their children clicked by them .It was a plethora of emotions expressed on the walls of the gallery .Shehnaz hussain was the chief guest accompanied by daughter Nilofer .I am seen here with one of my daughters ,Suhani .On Mothers day each mother is proud to be a MOTHER !It is special.I missed my daughter Roshni who is far away but for a mother the child is always in her heart !Cheers to motherhood.