World Human Rights Protection Association ;National Executive Meet


The National Executive meet with WHRPA brought together people who believed in Human Rights and stood for them .The convener Shamim A khan had distinguished speakers on the dias. I as Director with INdian Council For Human Relations and Indian Council for United Nations Relations Spoke with emphasis on acid attacks on girls ,molestation ,rapes ,mal nutrition ,State of women in India with some inputs for the youth .My speech was well appreciated because I was the only woman speaker and I put in direction for youth and women while other speakers narrowed in on Unemployment ,poverty ,corruption etc.






DSC04764The Rajiv Gandhi Shahidi Naman Divas celebrated at India Habitat Centre on 21st may drew a very dashing and enterprising crowd .People from all fields of life were awarded. Seema Midha, Major RN Maharishi, Ratan Kaul, Richa Sood, Rita Khanna,Neeraj Arora Ambassadors of Taiwan and Bosnia Dr Sead Avdic attended the event .Political and media topshots rubbed shoulders with eachother .The event is the brainchild of Shamim A Khan .The 15th Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award Foundation,The Urdu press club and Parwaz media group organised the event .I am honored to be invited as a special guest in the award function .