HUMAN RIGHTS ..International Youth Day



IMG_0715International Youth day was celebrated by college students with a play focusing rape and violation of human rights .Some speakers put forth their point while the auditorium was filled with students listening and actively participating .I just added that how we can turn around this issue by changing the mindset and attitude of the people and specially the youth .

MIND OF A RAPIST …A Talk ,An Attempt

DSC04931DSC04928DSC04934Menzhealth Institute headed by Dr Ajit Saxena organized a talk to seek solutions to a burning issue in the society ..rapes .The talk was called “Mind Of A Rapist” and experts from various fields pooled in their ideas and solutions to the same .
Clinical psychologist Dr Aroona Broota,Social Activist Nafisa ali,Dr Abha from Amity University ,Kavita Ashok were among those present .Amity University supported this cause and their faculty was present in good strength at the India Habitat Centre .
Seen in the picture are Nafisa Ali with Kavita Ashok and Dr Aroona Broota with Kavita Ashok .
Th eaudience got very interactive when Dr Broota stepped down from the dias and threw open the discussion .It was an interesting observation as to how men ,women and youth think about this situation !My contribution to the evening was, that as I take personality development and Etiquette ,grooming sessions with all age groups ,I understand that we need to inculcate SANSKARS into our youth when they are in school itself .It has to begin from the grassroot level ..home and school .That is when you may positively mould the mind of a child !