Tribute to Damini by Foreign MInister Salman Khurshid

Paying a tribute to the rape victim of Dec 16th 2012,Salman BIMG_1238




IMG_1246ashirji organised an evening in which his poems were sung with maestros like Adnan Sami .
The Vice President payed homage to Nirbhaya .Mr Amar Singh,Jaya Prada ,Vikramjit Sawhney ,Kavita Ashok ,Mukesh Anand,Suresh Goyal,Nalini Singh and many more from all fields of life filled the Manekshaw auditorium .Mr Salmans wife ,Louis shared her thoughts and expressed great empathy to the parents of Damini.
My throat choked when Daminis parents were called on stage because no body can fathom their agony .Words cannot ever express enough condolences to them .

ADIEU to Ambassador Salman Bashir


IMG_1204Ougoing Ambassador Salman Bashir and his beautiful wife Tarannum were given a farewell party at the pakistan High Commission .The evening saw many bigwigs of the Indian circuit enjoying Qawali by Rizwan and Muzzam Ali Khan . Mr.Ram Jethmalani,Hansraj Hans,Uma Vasudev ,Uma Sharma and Ratan Kaul were some elegantly dressed guests who added charm to the farewell .Mr Shashi Tharoor made a brief appearance too.

IFTAAR party

Iftaar party at Leela was a beautiful evening .Ambassadors and Indian leaders in full harmony joined in the celebration .Mr Salman Bashir was spotted enjoying the delights along with other heads of states .
Seen in the picture are Kavita Ashok with Ambassador Of Seychelles Mr Waven Williams .Also seen were Ratan Kaul,Subha Tampi,Harshit Sehgal,Aida shafinaz Allies , MR KL Malhotra ,MR Zirgham Raza and Mr Subodh kumar Jain .IMG_0557