IMG_2449The Universe is the provider and blessed are those who can lend a hand !

The Lions Club organised an Eye camp for the poor in Faridabad on the 8th July .Around 150 people got their eye checkup done and will be provided with spectacles or surgeries .Followed by Tree plantation in the same area it was an awareness campaign and ode to nature .
The youth empowerment and motivational workshop that I took with the high school children of the community was a success only because I could read from their faces and body language that they paid attention to every word I shared with them ! These kids had the fire to make a decent life ,to succeed ! When reciprocated by the youth in this manner I truly feel it is worthwhile to work for the society and bring on a Shinning INDIA .
IT was the most beautiful manner to close the last day before my birthday .So many new beginnings !